Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sawnee Art Association - 3-D Show

I joined my local artists association recently, Sawnee Art Association. They put on a lovely little '3-D' show this weekend in the historic Brannon-Heard House in down town Cumming, Georgia. What is a 3-D show? That was my first question.. 3-D to 'me' sounds like holograms and funky movie glasses. 3-D is the art of making a 2-D image 'look' 3-D.

Apparently I am mistaken. 3-D is what 'Fine Art' is of the wall. I understand the need for a descriptive label, but if you ask me, this one is awkward and does not communicate to the 'non-art' community the nature of the show. And don't get me started on the snootiness of 'Fine Art' as a label that means 'paintings and photography'. There. I've said my piece and I am well aware that the Gods of art nomenclature are taking no notice of my pedestrian opinion.

I did say it was a lovely show. It featured over 30 artists in pottery, sculpture, glass, fiber, gourd, metal, jewelry, and  wood turning and scroll work with elegant live music playing in the background. Here are some photos from the show. I don't know any of these artists, so I was not being partial...just looking for interesting photos and to show a bit of the space.


  1. To me, 3-D means digital art that appears to be in 3 dimensions. Stuff not on a flat viewport, whether canvas, paper or screen, I would call physical art or at least... not 3D.

    Some of those vases are just lovely aren't they. I really love the green and blue swirled one with the long thin port.

  2. Thanks, PJ. Yes the glass artist in that area is amazing. Wish I could remember his name!