Saturday, November 14, 2009

Pear in Green Bowl

 *11.22.09 Photo updated
This week I worked on Kitty Wallis sanded paper for the first time. I think I love it! For one thing, the color is much more vibrant from the first touch than it is on sued, which tends to resist the first layers of color. I used a watercolor under-painting, since I did not want the paper white to show through in this color scheme. I also spent a lot of time drawing the bowl and pear, trying to get it exactly right.The tabletop in reality was bright enough under the studio light to challenge the pear, so I invented the cloth with the perspective stripes to lend a bit of interest without detracting from the bowl and pear. Also, I was hoping it would quietly lead the eye into the pear, since I didn't have the traditional table edge with lush drapery seen in so many still lifes.

I like this one, even though as a subject it's not complex enough to be inspiring. I like the overall richness and warmth, the 'painterliness' of the rosy pear, and the lighting on the bowl.  I still struggle to understand why so many of the artists I try to follow paint fruit without any context or story at all. So this is my fruit painting. It's my second actually, the obligatory apple is above the kitchen cabinets.I think I miss the sense of story. That would be my real complaint. But-hey, I got practice rendering and working with a new ground.

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  1. Carol--I am pleased with your pear in the green bowl! I understand what you mean about not totally understanding why so many people love to paint a fruit and seem very satisfied doing so. But--you are right, painting a single fruit does have its rewards. BTW! I know Kitty Wallis--I see her a lot here in Portland Oregon. She should win the Pulitzer prize for that paper! lol