Sunday, November 1, 2009

Prisoner of the Mind

As for many people, my window on the world is dominated by news media and life-like TV crime intrigue. I have noticed recently that it has become more difficult to see the world as other than crime-ridden and blighted with the crash of our exuberant consumerism. I try to look ahead at how to best prepare for my own future, but can see no realistic vision where my spirit is not ground to dust in poverty and dispirited labor as my earning power declines with age. I turn away and decide to enjoy while I can and hope I die before my financial and health world collapses. Good time for a vacation.

 Before I left, I heard a voice speak quite clearly to me:

“When your mind is filled with your own knowledge, you will become trapped by what you know. When you make a space for Spirit, you make a space for new and creative information to flow into your vision. The path ahead will enjoy many more opportunities for fortuitous branching because you will be looking beyond your own limitations. Spirit does work, when you invite it to.”

I accepted this. My dalliance with agnosticism had left me stark, calculating, and trapped by the limitations of ‘hard’ facts and probability.

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